Noise and dust control

I live near (not in) one of the wealthiest communities in the world. People are continually remodeling, both inside and out. You can hardly find a quiet place; so loud is the din of tools, equipment, and music coming from tiny radios. During the rare intervals when they aren't being worked on, most of the fine homes are surrounded by the racket of their neighbors' projects. It's a good lesson in just how noisy most construction activity is.

MJEfl Noise disrupts wildlife. In nature, noise is a sign of danger, and animals

(including humans) respond to noise with anxiety and preparedness for fight or flight. The solution is to avoid using power tools wherever you can; when you do use them, stay within your community's guidelines on hours of use.

Dust is another nuisance that really isn't difficult to control. Avoid working very dry soil; avoid using equipment like rototillers, which stir up a lot of dust (and which damage soil anyway); and use the dust-suppression attachments that come with most masonry saws and similar equipment.

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