Mutch ado about mutch Benefits of mulching

Mulch is an expert at stacking functions (multitasking). Here are a few ways that mulch benefits your sustainable landscape:

  • Saves water: A couple of inches of mulch can cut your water use by at least half and greatly increase the intervals between waterings. Note that mulch must be coarser-textured than the soil beneath it in order to get the full water-saving benefits.
  • Reduces plant stress: Mulch insulates roots from heat and cold in addition to adding and retaining nutrients.
  • Keeps weeds down: Weeds can't get a foothold in mulched soil, and the few weeds that do come up are weak and easy to pull out.
  • Protects the soil: Mulch eliminates compaction and crusting of the valuable topsoil layer. Beneficial soil microorganisms get what they need under a cover of organic matter.
  • Improves the soil: As organic mulches slowly decompose, they release their nutrients into the system. They also harbor beneficial soil fungi whose mycelium (a structure similar to a root system) helps open the soil and improve its structure.
  • Eliminates damaging soil cultivation: Tilling, digging, and violent weeding become things of the past, which allows soil structure to develop unmolested as it should.
  • Improves water penetration: Because the soil is open, it accepts water much more easily. Roots get more of the water because less of it runs into the street.
  • Eliminates surface erosion: Soil can't wash away in a rainstorm if it's snuggled under mulch. It stays where it belongs.
  • Prevents soil splashing: Mud that splatters up onto plants often carries diseases. Mulch keeps it in place.
  • Creates a mud-free, dust-free, walkable surface: No more slogging through the muck after a rain with gobs of earth sticking to your shoes. No more dirt tracked into the house by kids, dogs, and husbands. And no more dust storms on windy days.
  • Hides drip tubing: Drip irrigation is great, but frankly even I think it's pretty unattractive. Mulch makes it disappear.
  • Makes the yard pretty. Just as making the bed is the easiest way to straighten up a bedroom, mulching instantly dresses your garden up.

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