Minimizing the effects of maintenance on and offsite

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Conventional maintenance does huge damage to the environment. Every year in the United States alone, we use 800 million gallons of gasoline just to mow lawns — and lots more to power other equipment, such as trimmers, blowers, and chain saws. Power equipment also generates significant air and noise pollution.

The 67 million pounds of pesticides used annually on American lawns destroy native and beneficial insects, cause air pollution, and sicken people and pets. Herbicides and fertilizers also harm the environment.

The result is a mess, but things don't need to be this way. By building a landscape that needs little care, adopting organic methods that don't use harsh chemicals, and using hand tools instead of power equipment, the sustainable landscape becomes a place of peace, purity, and productivity, not a war zone. You find tips for how to do this in Chapters 20, 21, and 22.

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