Managing Water The Other Half of the Irrigation Equation

In This Chapter

^ Planning a water-conserving landscape ^ Figuring out the best irrigation schedule ^ Following some easy tips for managing water

m t isn't enough to build a water-conserving irrigation system if you still water every day. The other half of the equation is behavior. Savvy water management isn't complicated, and it can save you big bucks while you do the sustainable thing for the environment. Keep in mind, too, that water management isn't just for folks with a fancy irrigation system; it's just as important for those who water by hand.

Unless you've set up a landscape that never needs supplemental watering, you have to apply water to make up the difference between what the weather brings and what your plants need. To do that efficiently, you need to apply a few principles to your irrigation practices, making good decisions about when and how much to water.

The first step is to develop a landscape that doesn't need much water in the first place. Then, if appropriate, incorporate water-harvesting strategies so you don't have to buy as much water (see Chapter 8). Next, if you have an irrigation system, design it so that it incorporates as much drip as possible, efficient sprinkler heads, and a smart controller. (Chapters 7 and 8 can help with all your irrigation needs.) Finally, find out how to be a savvy water manager.

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