Keeping Your Water Harvesting System in Shape

Low maintenance is one of the side benefits of a water harvesting strategy. Compared to the work needed to keep a hi-tech irrigation system in good condition, there's little to take care of. However, some parts of this system do call for a bit of upkeep. In the following sections, I give you some tips on what to do with each particular type of system.

A nonstorage system consists of earthworks, such as swales, dry streambeds, percolation zones, and other naturalistic features. One important maintenance task to take care of for this type of system is checking all the parts after (or during) each significant rainstorm to make sure they haven't collapsed or filled with silt. Ensure that the water is going where it's supposed ln This Chapter

^ Taking care of your water-harvesting system ^ Keeping permanent irrigation systems up to snuff ^ Handling special irrigation problems

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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