Keeping it safe Backflow prevention devices

To prevent contaminated irrigation water from entering the domestic water supply, the law in most places requires you to have an approved backflow prevention device permanently installed on your system. A backflow prevention device is simply a one-way valve that lets water through but doesn't let it turn around and go the other way.

Some backflow preventers are located at the point of connection (which I discuss earlier in this chapter). These devices are called pressure vacuum breakers, reduced pressure devices, or double check valves. Other backflow preventers are installed at each valve; these devices are called atmospheric vacuum breakers. The latter are easier to install than the other kinds, and they can be less costly if you have only a few valves.

Without getting into all the gory details, I can tell you that each type of back-flow device offers a particular level of protection, so you need to talk to your local building department about what kind to use. In most communities, you need a building permit for your backflow device; you may or may not need a permit for the rest of the system. You also need to have the device tested annually by a certified backflow test technician.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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