Installing and maintaining your drainage system

As long as you're careful to set the grades correctly, the installation of a drainage system isn't complicated — just a lot of hard work. Consider the following tasks:

  • The drainpipes need to be buried, which of course means a lot of trenching and backfilling.
  • You need to keep the pipes going downhill consistently, at a slope adequate for them to empty thoroughly (at least 1/8 inch of drop per foot of pipe). Therefore, you need to check the slope with a level as you go.
  • You must minimize standing water. I like to drill a hole in the bottom of catch basins and put a layer of gravel under them to eliminate tiny ponds where mosquitoes can breed.
  • You must provide cleanout fittings so you can flush out the system before the rainy season.

Use rigid, smooth-walled pipe wherever you can; it's easier to keep clean than the corrugated kind.

You have very little to do to keep a drainage system working properly. An annual flushing keeps things flowing. Plus be sure to keep the area around the catch basins free of litter and leaves to prevent clogging. Check the exit point of your pipes every now and then to make sure that the water isn't causing erosion.

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