Inspecting and Maintaining Your Permanent Irrigation System

The following sections help you evaluate the condition of each part of your irrigation system — sprinklers, drip, and other related components — and make repairs. Spending a pleasant hour with your system two or three times during the growing season can make a big difference in its performance, in your water bills, in the health of your landscaping, and in the environmental benefits that accrue from not wasting water. With the exception of maintaining backflow prevention devices, which should be done by a licensed technician, none of the servicing is complicated.

Start your inspection by looking for excessively dry or wet areas, poorly performing plants, or other signs of misbehavior. Refer to the related subsection of this chapter for detailed service procedures on specific components.

Turn off the water when working on any pressurized part of the system (that is, any part that's before the lateral lines and drip tubing). And be careful to keep dirt out of objects that you're working on; dirt only makes things worse.

Backflow prevention devices

The backflow preventer is the one-way valve that keeps your water supply safe. Often it's a single device at the beginning of your system called a pressure vacuum breaker, a reduced pressure device, or a double check valve. If you have a centrally located device, the law says it has to be serviced annually by a licensed backflow test technician. Call your community's building department for a list of approved companies. If you have atmospheric vacuum breakers at each valve, they generally require no service.

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