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^ Leaving surfaces free of special finishes ^ Cleaning up your hardscape surfaces ^ Keeping your wood deck in good, usable condition ^ Doing general safety checks well-built and intelligently designed sustainable hardscape pretty V • much takes care of itself because it's made properly of stuff that lasts a long time with little or no care. Not that this idea is a new one, mind you: Consider the maintenance requirements of the Giza pyramids, the Roman aqueducts, or Stonehenge. Okay, I know that they're going to rack and ruin, but slowly, over thousands of years. In the meantime they require very little care because they were built properly in the first place.

This chapter tells you what kind of maintenance you can expect to perform on your well-designed sustainable hardscape.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

How would you like to save a ton of money and increase the value of your home by as much as thirty percent! If your homes landscape is designed properly it will be a source of enjoyment for your entire family, it will enhance your community and add to the resale value of your property. Landscape design involves much more than placing trees, shrubs and other plants on the property. It is an art which deals with conscious arrangement or organization of outdoor space for human satisfaction and enjoyment.

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