Improving Water management

Most people are overwatering their landscaping, and lawns are getting most of this largesse. Good water management involves a bit of education and some careful attention to changing conditions, not simply watering on a fixed schedule that ignores actual water need. Water management doesn't cost a penny, and you'll start seeing lower water bills right away. Visit Chapter 9 for complete information on ways to manage your water properly.

^ You have a huge opportunity to save water (and money) just by tuning up your lawn sprinkler system. A permanent, well-designed irrigation system is ír¿ll the most sustainable way of watering a lawn, but it has to be kept in good condition with regular maintenance. Simple adjustments, such as re-aiming heads, cleaning plugged nozzles, and moving heads to improve coverage and eliminate overspray onto pavement, can make a big difference. See Chapter 10 for details.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

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