Handling hardscape Construction gear

If you're building a hardscape, you need some construction equipment. What you need depends on the type of work you're doing. I break it down for you in Table 3-1.

Table 3-1 Construction Tools You May Need for Hardscaping



Concrete Tools

Brick and



Masonry Tools



Circular saw,

Cement mixer (or get

Brick trowel,

mason's twine,

chalk line,

ready-mix concrete


pliers, screw-

chisel, claw

or mix by hand), con

bucket, jointing

drivers, small

hammer, hand-

crete trowel, corner

tool, mason's

and large

saw, level,

tools, darby (a type

hammer and


nail set, pair

of concrete finishing

chisel, mortar-

mers, stakes,

of sawhorses,

tool), edger, finishing

board, pointing


plane, post-

broom, floats, form

trowel, thin-set

tape measure,

hole digger,

boards and stakes,

applicator, tile


power drill and

groover, hose and


drill bits, pry

nozzle, knee pads,

bar, sander,

level, long 2 x 4 (for


leveling out wet

concrete after it's placed), rubber boots, shovel, tamper to compact and settle concrete, transit or sighting level, wheelbarrow

Consider having skill- and tool-intensive projects like concrete pouring and finishing done by a qualified professional. A professional job may not cost any more when you consider the investment in tools that's required to do it yourself. Plus, the pros will likely do a better job, and they guarantee their work.


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