Gophers moles and Voles

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Gophers till the soil and aren't all bad, but they can be among the most destructive and irritating garden pests. It's no fun to watch your prize kohlrabi get sucked underground in front of your eyes. Enclose plants in chicken wire cylinders with openings no smaller than 1 inch (use bottomless cylinders for woody plants so their roots will escape and not be choked by the wire). Surround beds with an underground fence of hardware cloth, which is a welded wire mesh. Pit gopher snakes or cats against gophers; plant daffodils or oleanders around your property; or if all else fails, trap the beasts.

Daffodils and oleanders are poisonous to people and pets too, however, so use them with care.

Moles are actually beneficial, eating grubs and other soil insects. Leave them alone unless they're really damaging your lawn by making raised mounds. Sadly, there's no proven nonviolent way to control moles. They scoff at noisemakers, stinky repellents, and other kindly approaches. They can only be deterred by trapping. If you feel that murder and sustainability are compatible, set out two or more mole traps along an active run. Or let natural predators, such as owls or neighborhood cats, do your dirty work.

Voles are more aggressive and can harm plants. Repel them with commercial repellents or predator urine, exclude them with wire barriers, or trap them in a humane trap and release them in a faraway field.

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