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When I look at garden catalogs, I have to marvel at how little of the stuff they sell is really necessary to manage a well-designed garden. After all, by developing a stable, sustainable landscape, you eliminate most of the maintenance and most of the tools that go with it.

For routine maintenance, you really need just a few key tools:

  • Hoses: Black ones disappear into the shadows of your garden better than green ones. Rubber ones last longer and are somewhat less harmful to the environment than vinyl ones. You can pick up a good hose for around $25.
  • Hose nozzle: Get a high-quality one with multiple settings, which allow you to wash off insects, water plants, fill your pond, mist your ferns, wash the pooch, and squirt the kids all with one tool. A nice nozzle sets you back $10.
  • Pair of high-quality loppers or a folding pruning saw: These tools come in handy for occasionally cutting a branch bigger than your pruners can handle. You can get a quality lopper for $30 and a folding pruning saw for about $20.
  • Pair of quality pruning shears: A good pair costs you around $50.
  • Push broom and a leaf rake: You need these only if you're the tidy sort, and at most they cost $30 or so.
  • Push mower: If you do have a lawn, consider a push mower instead of a gas- or electric-powered one. An old-fashioned scythe works, too (after you get the hang of it). Or get a goat, for that matter.
  • Weeding tool of some kind: I like to use an asparagus knife, which costs $7 or less.

That's it. Take the money you would have spent on power gadgets and go have a nice vacation somewhere.

You don't need anything else if you've successfully created a sustainable landscape that's easy to care for. You won't be pruning to control size (your plants are the right size already), you won't be trimming hedges (you don't have trimmed hedges), you won't be mowing the lawn (you have a meadow instead), you won't be spraying for pests (your plants are pest-resistant), and you won't be doing much weed control (the mulch and tall plants smother the weeds). If your trees need pruning, stay safely on the ground and let a professional care for them. The bottom line? You've set up a system that's easy to live with, so now's the time to start enjoying it!

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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