Gaining control Zone valves

A zone is a particular physical area of your landscape, served by its own separate zone valve that turns it on and off. Zone valves can be operated manually or automatically by a controller that sends 24 volts of electricity to the valves via underground wires. Valves are grouped in manifolds (branched pipes) in one or more locations throughout the landscape. Manual valves are installed aboveground so they can be operated conveniently; automatic valves are placed underground in plastic valve boxes.

Zones exist for several reasons:

  • Water use: You can separate the system (and the plantings themselves) into hydrozones that contain plants with similar water needs, each controlled by its own valve. That way, you don't over- or underwater plants.
  • Exposure: You can provide separate valves for sunny and shady areas, windy areas, or areas under trees that may need more or less water.
  • Hydraulics: When any area is too big to be served by one valve because of limitations in the water supply, you can break the area into smaller parts and have multiple valves come on one after another, in sequence.

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