Drip on a grid Versus drip at the plant

Putting one or two drip emitters at the base of each newly planted plant is no way to build a drip system. The crown of a plant, especially a drought-tolerant one, is the last place you want water, because water there encourages pathogens that could ultimately kill the plant. Also, if you don't have emitters elsewhere throughout the mature root system of the plants, they'll never get enough water (see Figure 9-1 in Chapter 9 to understand where roots really are).

The proper way to create a drip system is to make a grid of emitters, using tubing with molded-in emitters. Space the emitters a set distance apart (usually 12 to 24 inches) and install parallel lines of tubing throughout the entire planted area, wherever roots may roam (see Figure 8-3). That way, the wetting pattern is more like rain — even and consistent.

Figure 8-2:

Distribution uniformity.

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