Dont call it dirt Soils and geological features

As a gardener, you're concerned with two key aspects of soil: how well the soil grows plants and whether the soil is going anywhere anytime soon. You may think of these two aspects as fertility and stability, respectively.

A large part of sustainability is developing a thriving, low-care plant community, and the basis of this is understanding your soil. For now, just know that the qualities of your soil — whether it's clay or sand, acid or alkaline — in part determine your ultimate plant palette. Because you match plants to soil and not the other way around, the appearance of your plantings depends on this element. In Chapter 16, you find out how to make sustainable plant choices.

Soil is also a base for whatever hardscape you construct. Its ability to support heavy structures is a factor in the design of those structures. You also need to know whether the soil is prone to erosion and other structural problems. Chapter 14 covers this in detail.

Despite soil's complexity, you need to focus on only a few simple techniques to examine your soil:

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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