Delivering the goods Pressure mains and hose bibbs

The pressure main is the underground pipe that supplies water to your control valves. Unlike lateral pipes that are downstream from the control valves, pressure mains are under continuous pressure. Pressure mains should be at least % inch in diameter; 1 inch or larger is better, though, because you're going to need a lot of water.

Pressure mains usually are buried at least 18 inches below ground — deeper in cold climates. Heavy-walled Schedule 40 PVC is the usual choice for pipe, but PVC is an environmental nightmare. Consider a more sustainable alternative such as cross-linked polyethylene pipe.

Put hose bibbs (those are the faucets you hook your garden hoses up to) near control valves and anywhere else you need to have running water.

For safety and durability, the riser — the pipe that comes aboveground to supply the hose bibb — needs to be metal, not plastic. (This is true of any situation in which pipe is exposed.) Stake the hose bibb to a 4-x-4 wooden post or attach it firmly to a fixed object, such as your house, so it won't break off when you tug on the hose.

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