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When you're ready to write down your landscape design ideas, make a rough sketch of your property on a sheet of paper. This rough sketch, or bubble diagram, doesn't have to be to scale at this point, but try to make it reasonably accurate. Then start writing words and phrases in appropriate locations: "new patio," "remove tree," "dog run," "vegetable garden," and so on. The ideas you write down can include anything from problems, opportunities, and needs to desires and specific features you know you like. Encircle each feature with a simple oval. Now isn't the time for fancy graphics — your bubble diagram just needs to be useful, much like the simple diagram in Figure 6-1.

Figure 6-1:

An example bubble diagram.

Figure 6-1:

An example bubble diagram.

Bubble Diagram Landscape Design

After you finish your bubble diagram, take it outside and sit with it. You want to be sure it all makes sense. You may even want to make two or more bubble diagrams to explore different approaches (for example, with the patio here versus the patio there). This step opens your mind to all the possibilities; right now you're still exploring, and you don't want to miss a thing.

Move around your property and imagine how it'll look when it's done. Picture the shade of the new trees, the size and shape of the flower beds, the changed landforms, and everything else. Visualize everything as best you can before you act on your decisions. After all, landscaping your yard two or three times isn't sustainable.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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