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The addition of a swimming pool to your yard is a big decision. Read pages 16-17, as well as this section, and consider all of the options. Also, talk with people who have pools, trying to learn all you can about what kind, shape, and size of pool might be best for you.

A pool will provide years of summer fun, sun, exercise, and relaxation; and, with the right decisions, it will increase dramatically your yard's beauty, value, and use.

If you decide that a pool isn't right for you now but may be in the future, plan present use of the space for easy changeover: a lawn or flower garden, not a patio or clump of trees. Also, remember to leave access for heavy machinery. In areas where swimming pools are the norm—if not almost mandatory—lack of access for pool construction could be a serious drawback to would-be buyers someday.

Pools today can be installed quickly—:by professionals, that is; as you research the work required to build a pool, you'll quickly realize that this is not a do-it-yourself project

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