Wedelia calendulaceae

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Less. non-Rich.

Synonym ► W chinensis Merrill.

Family ► Compositae; Asteraceae.

Habitat ► Bengal, Assam, Konkan, and Tamil Nadu.

Ayurvedic ► Bhringaraaja (yellow-flowered var.), Pitabhringi, Pitabhringa-raaja, Avanti, Ke-sharaaja, Kesharaaga.

Siddha/Tamil ► Manjal karisaalai, Potralai kaiyan tagarai, Patalai Kaiantakerai.

Action ► Leaves—bechic; used in alopecia, juice used for dyeing hair and for promoting hair growth. Plant—deobstruent; used in menorrhagia and abdominal swellings, as a tonic for hepatic and splenic enlargement.

See Eclipta alba.

The expressed juice of the herb contained an oil-soluble black dye 11.2; tannin 220; saponin 500 (contradictory reports) and phytosterol 3.75 mg/100 g among other constituents. The leaves contain isoflavonoids.

The bisdesmosidic oleanolic acid saponins have been isolated from the fresh leaves. Significant hepatoprotec-tive activity has been found in the pro-saponin from ginsenoside Ro (chiku-setsusaponinV); and in coumestans, wedelolactone and demethyl wedelo-lactone, isolated from the methanol extract of the herb.

Wedelolactone has also been found to be a potent and selective 5-lipoxy-genase-inhibitor, the process being an oxygen radical scavenger mechanism.

Wedelolactone (0.05%), isolated from the leaves, is analogous in structure to coumestrol, an estrogen from Melilotus sp. (clover).

Withania ashwagandha Kaul (cultivated var.) l1l

Wendlandia exserta DC.

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