Unani Mako red var

Action ► Twigs and root bark— stimulating, expectorant, hepatic, astringent, antirheumatic, alterative, antifungal. Dried branches— sedative and analgesic. Used for chronic bronchitis, chronic eczema and rheumatism.

Solanum ferox Linn. 611

Key application ► As a supportive therapy for chronic eczema. (German Commission E.)

The plant is rich in alkaloidal glyco-sides. Alpha-, beta-, gamma-solamari-ne were isolated from the fruits. Toma-tidenol I existed in the plant as alpha-and beta-solamarine. Solasodine was obtained in traces as secondary alkaloid; it existed as solasonine and sola-margine. Aerial parts gave alpha-and beta-soladulcine, the glycoalkaloids. The sterols were present in free form and as esters, glucosides and palmitic esters of glucosides.

Beta-solamarine shows significant tumour-inhibiting activity. Steroidal saponins are antifungal; alkaloids are anticholinergic; solasodine exhibit antiphlogistic activity.

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