Unani Khubbaazi Bhubhaazi Bustaani Gul Khair

Action ► Mucilaginous, emollient, laxative, antitussive, pectoral, antibacterial. Infusion is used for coughs and colds, irritation of the bronchi. Phagocyte stimulant.

Key application ► In irritation of the mucosa and throat and dry, irritative cough. (German Commission E.)

The herb contains sulphated flavo-

nol glycosides, mucilage and tannins.

Flowers contain malvin (an antho-

cyanin), malvidin diglucoside, tannins, carotene and ascorbic acid.

396 Mandragora autumnalis Spreng.

Malva coromandeliana Linn. (also malvastrum) is anti-inflammatory, pectoral, antidysenteric and diaphoretic.

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