Unani Hilteet Hing

Siddha/Tamil ► Perunkaayam.

Action ► Olea-gum-resin—stimulates the intestinal and respiratory

262 Ferula galbaniflua Boiss. exBuhse.

tracts and the nervous system bark. Used for simple digestive problems such as bloating, indigestion, constipation; for congested mucus, bronchitis, whooping cough, also for neurological affections, epilepsy, cramps and convulsions.

Key application ► In dyspepsia, chronic, gastritis, irritable colon; as spasmolytic. (The British Herbal Pharmocopoeia.) Contraindicated in bleeding disorders, pregnancy, infectious or inflammatory G1 diseases. (Sharon M. Herr.)

Ferula foetida contains: resins about 40-60%, consisting of asaresionotan-nols and their esters; farnesiferols, ferulic acid and other acids; about 25% gum; about 6-17% volatile oil, major constituent being sec-propenyl-isobutyl disulphide; sulphated ter-penes, pinene, cadinene and vanillin; sesquiterpenoid coumarins. Some compounds from Ferula sp. ehibit an-tifertility activity.

Dosage ► Detoxified oleo-gum-resin—125-500 mg. (API Vol. I.)

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