Unani Heel Habshi

Action ► Roots possess cardamomlike tasteand aregivenasadecoction for constipation; also as a vermifuge for tapeworms. Juice of young leaves—styptic. The seeds contain an alkaloid, piperine; also gingerol, paradol, shogaol and zingerone.

Gingerol and shogaol suppress gastric contractions; also have sedative and analgesic actions. Pungency of the grains is due to paradol.

A decoction of the whole plant is taken internally as a febrifuge.

High oxalic acid content in the fruit may cause reduced function of the heart.

Aframomum korarima K. Schum., native to tropical Africa, known as

24 Aganosma dichotoma (Roth) K. Schum.

False cardamom, is also equated with Active principle is agaric acid (aga-Heel Habshi. ricin), present to the extent of 14-16%.

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