Unani Hashishut Dinaar

Action ► Flowers—sedative, hypnotic, nervine tonic, diuretic, spasmolytic on smooth muscle, analgesic, astringent. Used for nervous diseases, intestinal cramps, menopause, insomnia, neuralgia and nervous diarrhoea. Also as a tonic in stomach and liver affections. As a blood cleanser, the root is used like sarsaparilla.

Key application ► In mood disturbances, such as restlessness and anxiety, sleep disturbances. (German Commission E. ESCOP.)

The British Herbal Compendium and The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia reported herb's action as sedative, soporific, spasmolytic and aromatic bitter, and indicated its use for excitability, restlessness, disorders of sleep and lack of appetite.

Hop cones consist of the whole dried female inflorescences of Humu-lus lupulus.

Hop contains bitter principles— lupulin containing humulon, lupulon and valerianic acid; volatile oil (0.31.0%) including humulene; flavonoids including xanthohumole; polypheno-lic tannins, asparagin, oestrogenic substances.

Bitter principles stimulate the digestive system. Valerianic acid is sedative. The resin components, lupulon and humulon are antiseptic against Grampositive bacteria. Asparagin is diuretic. Research suggested that the anti-

316 Hura crepitans Linn.

spasmodic effect is stronger than the sedative, and hops also possess antihis-taminic and anti-oxytocic properties. (Cases of amenorrhoea and dysmen-orrhoea are treated with hops.)

Hop extracts exert different effects on CNS in mice. They show hypother-mic, hypnotic, sedative, muscle relaxing and spontaneous locomotor activities, besides potentiating pentobarbital anaesthesia in mice.

Humulone inhibited induced inflammation in mice.

The dried strobila containing humu-lone and lupulone showed antidiabetic activity in experimental rats.

Hop mash or extract is used in the preparation of toothpaste for inhibiting Gram-positive bacteria and in hair preparations for preventing dandruff formation. It is also used in skin-lightening creams.

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