Unani Guaar phali

190 Cyclea arnotii Miers.

Action ► Laxative, antibilious. Gum—hypoglycaemic, hypolipi-daemic, appetite depressor (weight loss not observed), reduces glyco-suria during gum supplementation.

The administration of Guar gum (15 g/day) with normal diet for 6 weeks produced significant reduction in plasma, total cholesterol and LDL-choles-terol. The gum (10 g daily) is reported to decrease blood-glucose level in normal and diabetic volunteers. The supplementation of the gum in the diet of insulin-dependent diabetics failed to improve the long-term diabetic control, but significantly reduced serum cholesterol levels.

Taking Guar gum orally with meals was found to lower post-prandial glucose levels in patients with type 1 diabetes. (Am J clin Nutr, 56, 1992, 10561060.)

Oral administration of an ethanol extract of powdered pods has shown significant antiulcer, antisecretory and cytoprotective effects on various experimentally-induced gastric lesions in rats.

Guarmeal contains galactomannan, 3-epikatonic acid and a saponin.

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