Unani Anaaghaalis

Folk ► Jonkmaari (Maharashtra), Dhabbar (Punjab), Jighanaa, Jenghani.

Action ► Plant—anti-inflammatory, astringent, deobstructant, an-tifungal, nematocidal; toxic to leeches.

The plant yields anagalligenone B. The presence of quaternary alkaloids, gluco-fructoside and tannin have been reported. The root yields glycosidic saponins, including cyclamin. An acetyl saponin, isolated from the plant, was found to possess marked taenici-dal activity but had no effect on round-worms.

A methanolic extract of the aerial parts showed activity against herpes simplex I, adenovirus type II and polio type II. Triterepene saponins have oestrogenic activity.

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