Typha elephantina Roxb

Family ► Typhaceae.

Habitat ► Kashmir and from Uttar Pradesh to Assam, in stagnant, fresh and brackish-water.

English ► Elephant Grass, Bulrush, Indian Reed-Mace.

Ayurvedic ► Gundra, Gundraa, Gundraka, Potagala. (related species of T. australis.)

Siddha/Tamil ► Anai Korai, Chambu.

Typhonium trilobatum (L.) Schott. 681

Folk ► Gondapateraa. Action ► Rhizomes—astringent and diuretic; used for dysentery. Pollen—used for internal and external bleeding; uterine bleeding, blood in urine, nose bleeds.

The herb contains isorhamnetin, pentacosane and plant sterols.

Family ► Typhaceae.

2,700 m. English ► Scented Flag. Ayurvedic ► Airakaa. Folk ► Pizh (Kashmir). Action ► Stamens—astringent and styptic. Used externally.

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