Synonym M viridis Linn

Family ► Labiatae; Lamiaceae.

Habitat ► Cultivated in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

410 Menyanthes trifoliata Linn.

English ► Spearmint, Garden Mint.

Ayurvedic ► Pudinaa, Podinaka, Puutihaa, Rochini.

Unani ► Nanaa. Pudinaa Kohi.

Action ► Carminative, stimulant, antispasmodic, antiemetic, diaphoretic, antiseptic. A tea of dry flowers and leaves is prescribed for tracheobronchitis and hypertension.

The chief constituents of the essential oil are carvone (55-75%) and limonene (up to 21.4%). The herb gave flavonoids, diosmin and diosmetin. Caffeic acid derivatives include ros-marinic acid in the volatile oil.

Dosage ► Leaf—5-10 ml juice; 35 ml extract. (CCRAS.)

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