Synonym J grandiflorum Linn Family Oleaceae

Jasminum rottlerianum Wall. ex DC.

Indian oil sample gave benzyl acetate 26.3, benzyl benzoate 19.2, phytol 10.6, jasmone 8.5, methyl jasmonate 6.3, linalool 5.4, geranyl linalool 3.5, eugenol 2.9, isophytyl acetate 2.7, and isophytol 2.4%.

The leaves gave ascorbic acid, an-thranilic acid and its glucoside, indole oxygenase, alkaloid jasminine and salicylic acid.

The flowers contain pyridine and nicotinate derivatives; tested positive for indole.

The flowers and leaf juice is used for treating tumours.

Dosage ► Dried leaves—10-20 g powder for decoction (API, Vol. III.); Juice—10-20 ml. (CCRAS.).

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