Stephania glabra Miers

Family ► Menispermaceae.

Habitat ► Himalayas from Simla to Sikkim, Khasi Hills and Assam.

Ayurvedic ► Used as Paathaa (Cissampelos pareira).

Folk ► Gidaangu (Garhwal), Paahraa (Dehradun).

Action ► Tubers—used in pulmonary diseases, asthma, intestinal, disorders and hyperglycaemia.

Alkaloid palmitine exhibits antibiotic activity; stepharine anticholinesterase, cycleanine anti-inflammatory

Sterculia urens Roxb. 625

and hyndarine sedative activity. Tetra-hydropalmatine produces sedative and anticonvulsant effects on animals (similar but weaker to that of chloropro-mazine). Alkaloids from rhizomes— hypotensive. Pronuciferine hydrochloride—spasmolytic. Root—hypogly-caemic, spasmolytic, CNS active, antimicrobial.

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