Stellaria media Linn Vill

Synonym ► Alsine media Linn.

Family ► Caryophyllaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India at 6001,650 m.

English ► Common Chickweed.

Folk ► Kokoon (Jammu); Safed Fulki, Buchbuchaa (Delhi).

Action ► Antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, refrigerant, demulcent, emollient, vulnerary, antipruritic. Dispels excessive body heat, relieves irritation. Used internally for rheumatism, externally in the form of ointment for chronic skin conditions, varicose ulcers and abscesses. Applied as a plaster for broken bones and swellings.

The plant contains saponin glyco-sides, coumarins, flavonoids (including rutin), carboxylic acid. The leaves contain vitamin C and carotene.

The plant also contains mucilage and is rich in potassium and silicon. The aerial parts, in post-flowering period, contain 44 mg/100 g of vitamn E.

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