Sophora mollis Grah ex Baker

Synonym ► Edwardsia moltis Royle.

Family ► Papilionaceae; Fabaceae.

Habitat ► Himalayas from Kashmir to Nepal, up to an altitude of 2,100 m.

English ► Himalayan Laburnum.

Action ► Seeds—used for destroying vermin. Root—used for promoting hair growth.

The seeds contain an alkaloid cyti-sine. The root imparts dark colour to hair.

618 Sophora tomentosa Linn.

The seeds of S. secundiflora Lag. ex DC., known as Mescal-or Coral-Bean (Native to America, grown in Indian gardens) also contain substantial amounts of cytisine.

The alkaloid, (-)-N-methylcytisine, isolated from the seeds, exhibited hy-poglycaemic activity in mice.

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