Siddha Tamil Thippili Arisi thippili Thippiliver root

Action ► Fruits—used for diseases of the respiratory tract (cough, bronchitis, asthma); as sedative (in insomnia and epilepsy); as chola-gogue (in obstruction of bile duct and bladder), as emmenagogue, as digestive, appetizer and carminative (in indigestion); as general tonic and haematinic (in anaemia, chronic fevers and for improving intellect). Applied locally on muscular pains and inflammations.

Several aristolactams and dioxoa-porphines have been isolated from Indian long pepper. It also contains the long chain isobutyl amide, longamide, besides guineensine and the lignans, pluviatilol, methyl pluviatilol (farge-sin), sesamin and asarinine.

Piperine is the major alkaloid of peppers.

Piperine is antipyretic, hypotensive, analeptic, CNS stimulant. It has been reported to exert significant protection against CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in mice. It improves drug availability in experimental animals, and is

Piper nigrum Linn.

used for enhancing the efficacy of coadministered medicaments.

Piperine enhanced bioavailability of hexobarbital, phenytoin, propranolol and theophylline. (Sharon M. Herr.) (Piperine is also a component of Piper nigrum.)

N - isobutyl - deca - trans - 2 - trans - 4 -dienamide, isolated from the fruit, exhibited antitubercular property.

Milk extract of the fruit effectively reduced passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in rats. It protected guinea-pigs against antigen-induced bronchospasm.

In China, Piper longum oil constituents were reported to inhibit the increase in serum total cholesterol induced by triton in mice.

The root powder exhibited antifer-tility activity.

A related species, P. peepuloides Roxb., is known as Saamvali Peepal. It is used specifically against obstinate skin diseases and as a sialagogue.

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