Siddha Tamil Thaelkodukku

Action ► Plant—diuretic, astringent, emollient, vulnerary. Used as a local application for ulcers, wounds, sores, gum boils and skin affections. Decoction of leaves is used in urticaria and fevers; that of root in coughs. Flowers—emmenagogue in small doses, abortifacient in large doses. Masticated seeds— stomachic.

Aerial parts of the plant contain alkaloids—indicine (principal base), echinatine, supinine, heleurine, he-liotrine, lasiocarpine and lasiocarpine-N-oxide. Aerial parts and root gave an anticancer principle—indicine-N-oxide.

The aqueous and alcohol extracts of the plant possess oxytocic activity. The roots contain significant amounts of estradiol, a sex hormone.

The inflorescences are used by trib-als for scorpion bite.

306 Helleborus niger Linn.

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