Siddha Tamil Pullikeerai Paruppukirai

Action ► Refrigerant (reduces body heat), mild spasmodic, diuretic, antiscorbutic. Used in scurvy and in diseases of liver, spleen, kidney and bladder; also in dysuria, stomatitis and dysentery. A paste of leaves is applied to swellings, erysipelas, burns and scalds. Seeds—diuretic, antidysenteric; applied externally to burns and scalds.

A crude protein-free extract of the herb contained l-nor-adrenaline, do-pamine and l-dopa, also catechol. (The fresh plant contained 2.5 mg/g l-nor-adrenaline in one sample.) The extract gave a strong pressor response when injected intravenously into anaesthetized dogs.

The oral administration of the ho-mogenates of P. oleracea reduced the blood sugar level of alloxan-diabetic rabbits to normal.

The extract of the leaves and stems reduced muscle tone in individuals suffering from spasticity and exhibited skeletal muscle relaxant activity both in vitro and in vivo. The extract produced dose-dependent negative in-otropic and chronotropic effects and pressor response on rat blood pressure.

The diuretic action of the herb is attributed to the presence of high percentage of potassium salts.

Dosage ► Plant-125-400 mg powder; juice—1-20 ml (CCRAS.)

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