Siddha Tamil Merukan kizhangu

Action ► Rootstock—mild laxative, diuretic (in anasarca); used in inflammations and diseases of abdomen and spleen. Leaf—astringent, styptic, antitumour. Root and leaf—rubefacient. Tubers—used as vegetable after eliminating oxalate content.

All parts of the plant, except tubers, contain cyanogenic principle, a mixture of triglochinin and iso-triglochinin. The tubers contain sterols and high concentration of soluble oxa-lates (prolonged use may lead to calcium deficiency and oxaluria.) The tubers contain a trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor. The plant contains HCN (0.0027%). It is found to be mitogenic

36 Aloe barbadensis Mill.

to human peripheral blood lymphocytes.

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