Siddha Tamil Kattu velvengayam

Action ► Bulb—cardiotonic, stimulant, expectorant, diuretic. Used in cough, dysuria, strangury. (Not used as a diuretic when kidneys are inflamed.)

The bulb contains cardioactive gly-cosides including bufadienolides, scil-laren A, scillaridin A and proscillari-din A.

The squill has shown to have cardiac effects similar to digoxin, including positive inotropic and negative chronotropic effects. The aglycones in squill are poorly absorbed from the GI tract and are therefore less potent than digitalis cardiac glycosides. Additional cardiovascular properties include reducing left ventricular dias-tolic pressure and reducing pathologically elevated venous pressure. (Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, 2007.)

Large amounts of squill are gastric irritants; small amounts expectorant.

The squill of the Indian bazaars consists partly of S. indica and chiefly of Urginea indica.

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