Siddha Tamil Kattanam Kumizham

Action ► Leaf—demulcent, bechic. Used for removing foetid dis

Gnetum montanum Markgraf. 291

charges from ulcers. Root— stomachic, laxative, antibilious, demulcent, galactagogue. Bark— anticephalalgic. Root and bark— febrifuge.

The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia ofIn-dia recommends the use of the bark and stem in inflammatory diseases and oedema; the fruit in dysuria and haem-orrhagic diseases.

The heartwood contains lignans, ar-borone, 7-oxodihydrogmelinol, pau-lownin acetate and epieudesmin; me-trans-p-methoxycinnamate and trans-p-hydroxycinnamic acid.

Alcoholic extract of stem bark showed anti-inflammatory activity comparable to phenylbutazone.

Dosage ► Root, root bark—20-30 g for decoction. (API Vol. I.)

The leaves show antibiotic activity against E. coli and Staphylococcus au-reus.

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