Seseli sibiricum

Family ► Umbelliferae; Apiaceae.

Habitat ► Jammu and Kashmir at altitudes of 2,500 to 3,500 m.

602 Setaria italica (Linn.) Beauv.

Ayurvedic ► Bhuutakeshi. Selinum sp. are also known as Bhuutakeshi.

Action ► Used for mental disorders as a tranquilizer. Volatile oil— hypotensive.

The volatile oil, distilled from the root, contains alpha-and beta-pinene, myrcene, limonene, p-cymene, beta-phellandrene (major constituent), fen-chone, fenchyl alcohol and acetate, fenchyl hydroxy cinnamate, osthol, p-hydroxy cinnamate (0.1%), sesibricin, imperatorin and bergapten.

The volatile oil from aerial parts causes a fall in blood pressure, vasoconstriction and stimulation of respiration. The action appears to be tranquillizing. It potentiates the effects of pentobarbital in rats and has no an-ticonvulsant activity. Smooth muscle activity is inhibited by the oil and negative inotropic and chronotropic effects are observed on heart muscle.

Action ► Plant—used as a sedative to the gravid uterus. Grain—used for alleviating pain after parturition. Applied externally in rheumatism.

(The grain is reported injurious to horses. Overfeeding affects kidneys and causes swelling and inflammation of joints.)

Analysis of a dehusked sample (79% of whole grain) gave following values: protein 12.3, fat 4.3, minerals 3.3, crude fibre 8.0, and other carbohydrates 60.9%. The principal protein of the millet is prolamin (48%), albumin and globulin together form 1314% of the total protein, and glutelin 37%. The oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, present in the grain, during the cold winter months is reported to yield toxic substances.

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