Selenicereus grandiflorus

Britton S Rose.

Synonym ► Cereus grandiflorus Mill.

Family ► Cactaceae.

Habitat ► Indigenous to Mexico; introduced in Indian gardens.

English ► Night-Blooming Cereus, Sweet-scented Cactus.

Ayurvedic ► Visarpin, Mahaapushpa, Raatripraphulla.

Action ► Flowers and tender shoots— cardiac stimulant and diuretic (used for irritable bladder and congested kidneys), central nervous system stimulant.

596 Selinum monnieri Linn.

The plant contains alkaloids (including cactine) and flavonoids based on isorhamnetin.

Alkaloid, cactine is reported to have a digitalis-like activity on the heart. (Alcoholic extract is used in homoeopathy.)

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