Schima wallichii

Synonym ► S. koenigii Vahl. S. taccada (Gaertn.) Roxb.

Family ► Goodeniaceae.

Habitat ► Sea coasts all around India and in the Andaman Islands.

English ► Fan Flower, Malay Rice Paper Plant.

Siddha/Tamil ► Vella-muttangam.

Folk ► Bhadraka, Bhadraaksha.

Action ► Leaves—digestive, carminative; applied externally on tumours and swollen legs. Fruit—juice, internally for inducing menstruation. Roots—used for dysentery.

A decoction of the leaves and the bark is reported to combat tachycardia, one of the principal symptoms of beriberi. The drug reduces the frequency of heartbeat, slows down pulse rate and at the same time stimulates the heart to normal contraction (does not possess cumulative action of digitalis). The drug acts as a diuretic by increasing the tension in the renal arteries without causing irritation of the

Family ► Theaceae.

Habitat ► Eastern Himalayas from Nepal eastwards to Assam, Khasi Hills and Manipur up to 2,100 m.

English ► Chilauni Needle Wood.

Action ► Stem bark—anthelmintic (used for tapeworms), rubefacient. Aerial parts—antifungal.

The plant contains octacosanol, phy-tol, alpha-spinasterol and a saponin, schiwallin. Schiwallin is antidermato-phytic.

The bark and leaves contain 6% and 4% tannin, respectively

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