Saussurea gossypiphora D Don Saussurea hypoleuca spreng

Family ► Compositae, Asteraceae.

Habitat ► Himalayas from Garhwal to Sikkim at 4,200-5,100 m.

Folk ► Phen-kamal, Jogi Paashaa, Hiyun Kauni.

Action ► Plant, root—a decoction is prescribed in gynaecological diseases.

The plant afforded beta-sitosterol, 3-stigmastanol, stigmast-7-en-3-ol and ergostan-3,24-diol. The aerial parts of the plant collected from Himalayas gave heptacosane, hentriacontane, no-nacosane, alpha- andbeta-amyrins and their acetates and palmitates, lupeol, its acetate, fructose, glucose and surcose.

Aplotaxis auriculata DC.

Family ► Compositae; Asteraceae.

Habitat ► The Himalayas from Kashmir to Sikkim.

Ayurvedic ► Kushtha (pseudo).

Action ► Leaves—used in the treatment of syphilis.

The root of the plant is found mixed with the root of Kushtha of Indian medicine.

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