Sanicula europaea Linn

Family ► Umbelliferae.

Habitat ► Europe, including Britain. The Himalayas from Kashmir to Bhutan, Assam, Western Ghats and Palni hills in South India.

English ► Wood Sanicle.

Action ► Plant—astringent, alterative, vulnerary. Used in leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, bleeding piles; also in diarrhoea and dysentery. The herb is also employed as an ingredient of an ointment used for septic ulcers.

The herb contains saponins based on saniculogenins; allantoin; chlorogenic and rosmarinic acids. The flowers contain 3.1 and fruits 1.1% rosmarinic acid. The leaves contain 0.6% chlorogenic acid. The roots contain 23.1, leaves 12.8, flowers 6.0 and fruits 5.2% surcose. Rhizome contains chlorogeni acid 1.2 and sucrose 13.9%.

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