Sagittaria trifolia Linn

Family ► Alismataceae.

Habitat ► Throughout the plains of India.

English ► Old world Arrowhead.

Folk ► Chhotaa Kuuta, Muyaa (Bengali).

Action ► Plant—discutient, anti-galactagogue, astringent, antiinflammatory. Tuber—used for cutaneous diseases. Leaves—powder dusted in pruritus; mashed with molasses used in sore throat and inflammation of the breasts.

The plant contains a diterpene, sagit-tariol, beta-sitosterol, its glucoside and hentriacontanone. The diterpenes, tri-foliones A, B, C and D, inhibited his-tamine release from rat mast cells.

The bulbs contain sandaracopimar-ic acid which suppressed the immune function of animal T-cells.

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