Rosa multiflora Thunb

Family ► Rosaceae.

Habitat ► Cultivated in Kulu. Occasionally found in hedges and abandoned coffee plantations in Upper Ghats.

Ayurvedic ► Rakta-Taruni (non-classical).

Action ► Fruit—antiseptic, applied to wounds, injuries, sprains and foul ulcers.

The fruityieldedbeta-sitosterol, sco-parone, salicylic and gallic acid. Fruits contained multiflorin; flower petals gave astragalin. A purgative compound, multinoside A acetate, has been isolated from the fruit. Quercetin-3-O-xyloside, isoquercitrin and hyperin were also isolated.

Floral absolute oil contains eugenol (22.8), phenylethanol (18.1) and hene-icosane (10.2%).

The root gave a triterpenoid, tor-mentic acid.

The plant extract, along with kojic acid or its derivatives, produced excellent skin-lightening and sun-burn preventing effects.

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