Rhynchosia minima L DC

Family ► Papilionaceae.

Habitat ► All over plains and in the Himalayas up to 1,200 m.

Folk ► Raan-ghevaraa (smaller var.) (Maharashtra); Jhinki, Kammervel (Gujarat); Chittavarai (Tamil Nadu).

Action ► Leaves—abortifacient. Seeds—bitter, toxic.

The leaves afforded isovitexin and apigenin derivatives.

Aerial parts gave steroidal glyco-sides, along with ergosterol peroxide, stigmasterol and lupeol; bergapten, isopimpinellin, umbelliferone and beta-sitosterol have also been isolated.

The seed coat and pericarp contained gallic and protocatechuic acid, prodelphinmidine and hydroquinone diacetate and C-glycosyl flavones.

The extract of seeds shows agglutinating activity with certain type of human red blood cells.

R. bracteata Benth. ex Baker (upper Gangetic plains) and R. jacobii Chandra & Shetty (Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu) contain vitexin, isovitexin, orientin, iso-orientin and apigenin derivatives.

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