Polygonum aviculare Linn

Family ► Polygonaceae.

Habitat ► From Kashmir to Kumaon.

English ► Knotgrass, Knotweed, Mexican Sanguinaria.

Action ► Astringent and haemostatic. Used for excessive menstruation, bleeding piles; bleeding from bowel, stomach, lungs, nose, throat; mucous colitis, children's summer diarrhoea.

Polygonum glabrum Willd. 509

Key application ► In mild catarrhs of the respiratory tract, inflammatory changes to the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. (German Commission E.)

The plant gave flavonoids including quercetin, avicularin, quercitrin, and derivatives of kaempferol, esculetin and scopoletin. The plant also gave gallic, caffeic, oxalic., silicic, chloro-genic and p-coumaric acids; tannins including catechin.

The methanolic extract of the plant showed high protection against CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in mice. This activity is attributed to the presence of flavonoid glucosides.

The flavonoids exhibit astringent properties and are found to decrease capillary fragility and have a cortisonelike-effect on gingival tissue. (J Ethno-pharmacol, 74(1), 2001.)

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