Pogostemon patchoulis

Hook. f. non-Pelletier.

Synonym ► P. heyneanus Benth.

Family ► Labiatae; Lamiaceae.

Habitat ► Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kerala and the Nilgiri hills up to 1,800 m.

English ► Patchouli.

Ayurvedic ► Paachi, Pancholi.

Siddha/Tamil ► Kadir Pachai.

Folk ► Paanch (Maharashtra), Sugandhi Paanadi (Gujarat).

Action ► Leaf—bechic, antiasthmatic. A poultice of leaves is applied to boils and to relieve headache.

The plant gave alpha-pyrone derivatives, pogopyrones A and B; n-octaco-sanol, beta-sitosterol and its glucoside and several flavones. Pogopyrone B exhibited cytotoxic activity.

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