Plumeria alba Linn

Family ► Apocynaceae.

Habitat ► Native to West Indies; cultivated in Indian gardens.

English ► White Champa.

Ayurvedic ► Kshira Champaka (white-flowered var.).

Siddha/Tamil ► Perumal Arali, Seemai Arali.

Action ► Root bark—used in blenn-orrhagia. Bark and latex—used externally in herpes, syphilitic ulcers and scabies. Seed—haemostatic.

The root gave iridoids—iso-plu-mericin, plumericin, plumieride, plu-mieride coumarate and its glucoside. The bark gave alpha-and beta-amyrin and their acetates, beta-sitosterol, sco-poletin and plumieride. The flowers also contain plumieride coumarate and its glucoside, in addition to quercetin derivatives.

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